Exciting news for fitness enthusiasts in Santa Barbara! SoFIT is thrilled to announce the opening of its newest branch in the heart of our beautiful city, and we have an unbeatable offer for early birds. Launching in Spring 2024, SoFIT Santa Barbara is not just a gym; it’s a revolution in fitness and wellness, tailored for those who seek a superior workout experience.

Starting DECEMBER 1ST, 2023, we are kicking off our pre-sale, and it’s packed with benefits you won’t want to miss! This is more than just an early sign-up; it’s your ticket to a healthier, fitter, and more energetic lifestyle.

Here’s What You Get With Your Pre-Sale Membership:

  1. One Month Free: Sign up now and enjoy a 2nd month of premium fitness services absolutely free!
  2. Special Pre-Sale Price: By joining us during our pre-sale, you’ll be locking in an incredibly low monthly rate of just $100 for up to 12 months! This special rate is a significant saving from our standard price of $140 per month.
  3. No Contract Commitment: We believe in freedom and flexibility, especially when it comes to your fitness journey. That’s why our pre-sale offer comes with no long-term contract requirements.

Benefits of Joining SoFIT Santa Barbara

SoFIT Santa Barbara is designed to be more than just a gym. It’s a wellness oasis where every visit boosts your journey towards peak fitness and health. While we won’t be a 24/7 facility immediately, our carefully crafted schedules and state-of-the-art equipment ensure that you get the most out of every session.

Exclusivity and Community: Becoming a member of SoFIT Santa Barbara means joining an exclusive community of like-minded individuals who prioritize health, wellness, and active living. Our members are not just gym-goers; they are part of a fitness family that supports and motivates one another.

Our Facilities: Every aspect of SoFIT Santa Barbara has been meticulously planned and designed to provide the ultimate workout experience. From high-end equipment to spacious workout areas, we ensure that our facilities cater to all your fitness needs.

Don’t miss this opportunity to become a part of the SoFIT Santa Barbara family at a special pre-sale price. Remember, the pre-sale begins DECEMBER 1ST, 2023, and runs for a limited time. Sign up to transform your fitness journey with us while enjoying great savings! Head over to our SoFit SB landing page now to learn more and take advantage of this exclusive offer. Don’t forget to check out the latest updates and sneak peeks of our facility – your future fitness haven. Join us at SoFIT Santa Barbara and redefine what fitness means to you!

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