Sonoma Fit’s New Boxing Wave: Elevate Your Fitness with Alan Mata

The buzz around town is true! Sonoma Fit is amplifying its fitness offerings by introducing new boxing classes, ensuring that members continue to have exhilarating and diverse workout opportunities. At the forefront of this exciting initiative is none other than the renowned Alań Mata, semi-professional boxer.

Boxing enthusiasts and fitness aficionados, take note! The dynamic coach Mata, known by his ardent followers on social media as @mata_alan_f, is bringing his expertise to Sonoma Fit. Follow us online at!

With a reputation for transforming fitness journeys through the art of boxing, Mata’s sessions promise both a physical challenge and a therapeutic experience. Whether you’re a seasoned boxer or someone curious about taking the first punch, Sonoma Fit will have you in good hands.

For those keen on reaching their personal fitness goals, the Platinum membership is the way to go. Offering full 24/7 access at just $145 per month, members are guaranteed an unparalleled experience. But, a heads-up to the eager ones — each class will only accommodate 16 members, ensuring personalized attention and optimal training space.

If you’re not a member yet, fret not. Sonoma Fit warmly welcomes non-members to drop in and experience the boxing class for a fee of $25.

Stay tuned, stay fit, and stay ready! With the addition of boxing to its repertoire, Sonoma Fit underscores its position as the go-to fitness club in the Bay Area and beyond. And remember, in the world of fitness, it’s always about the next challenge, the next goal, and the next win.

With Sonoma Fit and coach Mata in your corner, victory is just a punch away!

Sonoma Fit Boxing Classes

Dive into our boxing classes with an exclusive membership deal:

  • One-time enrollment fee: $150
  • No contracts
  • Complimentary boxing gloves and wraps included
  • Just $145 monthly

Box, train, and transform with us!