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I have been training with Anthony for several months.  The changes have been visible in my muscle tone and definition.  I expected that would happen eventually.  What I didn’t expect was the increase in my balance, energy and flexibility.  I not only feel stronger but also much healthier and vibrant.  With his attention to detail, he has taught me correct form in all exercises.  Because of this, I have been without injury and always with challenge.  His workouts are fun and the results are fantastic!  I’ve worked with other trainers and never felt the level of commitment to me and my health goals that Anthony provides.  His knowledge and personal experience are a benefit to any fitness direction you choose.  He has helped me build muscle definition in the areas I want and is now starting to help me train for my first half-marathon.  I would highly recommend Anthony to every age and fitness level.  He is committed to your goal.

–Carolina Salmosen.


There is something about Maddy that makes a person striving for a goal think that they can do more to push themselves a little further for just a little longer.  It's not overt.  It's not Rah Rah.  It's an unspoken expectation and knowledge that you can indeed do it... so you do.  I work harder for Maddy than any other trainer I've found. Her confidence in me allowed me to evaporate 34+ pounds and continue to pay attention.  It's the Maddy way of things to not question one's own perseverance.  She set in motion a rhythm that allowed me to expect success. 

-Rebecca Irwin


Maddy is a highly experienced and skillful trainer. Because she has in depth experience she knows what exercises will provide the best benefit and how far to push you, but she also has a keen sense of when to back off. Because of her expert coaching, my posture has greatly improved along with my physical strength and stamina. Also my workout time with Maddy just flies by –- the training moves at a fast pace because she plans the workout ahead time and varies the routines. I recommend her without reservation.

-Bill Klevins


Madeleine really cares and knows what she is doing to motivate people, in addition to her knowledge of the exercises and what works. Madeleine is the person who helped me reach my goal.  Even when I would get frustrated, she would find something positive to keep me going. My goal was to lose weight and become more toned before my 50th birthday. Madeleine was huge in this process; she would always ask me what I had to eat and give me ways to improve as well as motivate me to push harder in my workouts. Besides being knowledgeable in the fitness field, Madeleine connected with me on a personal level, inquiring about my family or our conversations about the Giants or the Warriors. I’m thrilled with my transformation and the number on the scale—I have Madeleine to thank for helping me get there!  I always looked forward to our Monday/Friday sessions. 

-Teresa Tooker


Madeleine has a solid foundation in anatomy and physiology. Because of this she is able to assess all of her clients as individuals rather than a “one type of training fits all.”  Madeleine has an attention to detail and is always “present” during workouts. I have felt that her attention is never divided.  She is right there with you. Madeleine has a low-key style in her training. She is not an in your face type of trainer but rather she just keeps reinforcing the positive. She listens closely and takes you seriously. She sees your issues as real and is always respectful of what people are going through and seems to find the “in” in order to achieve your goals and remove any roadblocks. Madeleine and I got along great. I observed her many times with clients and her manner puts everyone at ease. Her sense of humor and take on most things is refreshing making workouts enjoyable. Having a schedule (and being accountable) is paramount to making changes. Working with someone who is as knowledgeable as Madeleine has given me an education that I don’t believe I would have been able to achieve on my own. She breaks the workout down so that you understand what muscle group you are working on and why. She is always keen to any perceived injuries and always has an adjustment to accommodate if need be. I have lost 45 lbs and with my workouts and by keeping my nutrition in check I have more energy. I actually enjoy working out and doing all different types of physical activity.  In the past it just seemed to be a chore and now I see it as a pleasure.

-Kevin Evind


     I started working with Sarah Colasanti almost a year ago, not too long after the gym opened.  At that time I was just getting back into doing physical fitness after having two back surgeries some years before.  I was reluctant to start a new program, as I was fearful that it would make my back pain worse.  Sarah not only helped by strengthening my back by giving me a series of exercises to do, she was able to figure out my other areas of weakness and focus how to get my body to work together.  Sarah is able to explain things in a clear manner and her dry wit always keeps it fun.  Her extensive knowledge of body mechanics has gotten me in some positions I never thought I could get into nor get out of, but they prove to help with every complaint I have come in with.  She has saved me from possible further surgeries, many trips to the doctors, and my reliance on pain medicine has been reduced.  Thanks to Sarah I have gotten stronger and more confident.

-Julia Grey



     Sarah Colasanti is a superb trainer.  I've been working with her for about a year and she has loosened up the tightness in my hamstring and the pain in my back and feet.  She is sensitive to everything that may be going on with my body.  Don't know what I would do without her.

-Cia Townsend