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Adam Kovacs

I began my love for fitness as a teenager growing up in a small town in Southern Germany. I played competitive level soccer and tennis, both of which I continue to play as an adult. In order to maintain my conditioning in the off season I began indoor cycling at the local gym. I loved the efficiency of a 60 minute cycle class and soon became Mad Dog Spin Certified. If you love riding outside and are looking to improve your performance, my class will get you there. Ive been teaching indoor cycling for 7 years and can’t wait to see you in class at Sonoma Fit!

Teaches: Cycle
  Adam Kovacs, Instructor at Sonoma Fit
  Jennifer Kovacs, Instructor at Sonoma Fit

Jennifer Kovacs

I began my fitness career somewhat later in life, in my 30’s and after the birth of my 2 children. In the course of 3 years, I had been pregnant twice and was treated for Stage 2 Hodgkins Lymphoma. I felt unhealthy and worn out. I started working out at a local gym and that’s when I realized that exercise was going to change my life. I soon began teaching indoor cycling, outdoor bootcamp and sculpt classes. I absolutely love what I do and when I see someone transform into a stronger, better version of themselves…it makes my job even better! I am Schwinn Cycling certified, SCW group fitness certified, and TRX qualified.

Teaches: Cycle, TRX Level One, TRX Strength, Metabolic Meltdown and Circuit Cycle
  Natalie DeMichele, Instructor at Sonoma Fit

Natalie DeMichele

I have been a Sonoma Valley resident since 2008 and am currently studying business and hospitality at Napa Valley College. I developed my passion for health and fitness after graduating high school, and found inspiration at our original fitness studio Sonoma Cycle Fit.  I love the energy of indoor cycling in particular and became a certified Schwinn Cycling instructor. I look forward to increasing my knowledge of the fitness industry and plan on continuing my education through obtaining more certifications in other areas.  The positive energy of group fitness is contagious and I hope to inspire you in the same way I was inspired a few short years ago. I can't wait to see you in my classes and help you achieve your goals!

Teaches: Cycle

Nicole Fox

Fitness has always played a big role in my life. As a kid, I competed in showjumping and 3-day-eventing (horses), had a gym membership by 16, went snowboarding as much as possible and joined the tennis team in high school. I knew that staying active was important for overall health and well-being. Over the years, as I got older, I started taking a lot of boot camps, studio classes, circuit training and then Crossfit. Throughout my life, I lived with pain; mostly residing in my neck, but it would move to my back, shoulders, arms, etc. so I just figured it was part of “working out hard”.  Within the past two years of the pain causing more and more problems, I finally went to a doctor and was told that my pain and problems are probably from the fact that I was born without a curvature in my neck (people have a nice “C” curve to their spine – I don’t). Due to this, my body created a large bone spur to compensate for the degenerative disc problem that was happening. I have early signs of arthritis and basically constant pain. I felt defeated and to make matters worse, they highly suggested I stop “running, jumping, lifting anything heavy (in any form) and never to lift anything over my head”. Not knowing what to do, but upon a lot of outside suggestions of other options, someone asked, why not spin? I thought Spin? UGH….BORING!! The only experience I had had with spin was some big bright room, sitting on a really uncomfortable bike, with boring, quiet music and only occasionally lifting out of the saddle. There was no way I was going to do that. 
And then, I found Sonoma Fit. My first spin class had me hooked! It was everything I wanted and needed and was far from my spin stereotype. To put it lightly, I was excited! Now, I can finally work-out with the intensity I was used to, but with no pain?!?! Sign me up! I found myself wanting to come in every day and always looked forward to the work-outs.
To be a part of such a positive community of motivating and inspiring people, is truly something that is one of a kind and I am so grateful to have found it.

Teaches: Cycle
  Nicole Fox, Instructor at Sonoma Fit
  Laura Fraize, Instructor at Sonoma Fit

Laura Fraize

As a young girl being raised by a single mom in a small town, sports were life. It kept me safe, sane and happy with a body honored for strength and speed over size and stats. In college I played intramural sports to feed my competitive spirit and was lucky enough to land a husband for a softball coach.  Fast forward twelve years to a job I love and 2 little girls that constantly move with me. For me movement and fitness provides an outlet, mental and physical strength, and honors the time I have gifted myself as life gets crazy. This love of fitness translates into all my classes; get in and make each moment count! Every rep, each gear added on that uphill battle in spin and that shake you get while holding plank in a TRX strap means you're getting stronger.  I like to incorporate a variety of techniques and tools into my fast paced and driving classes; crossfit, barre, boxing, anything that keeps you moving to good music, (preferably EDM and club style, but request line is always open!).
Schwinn Cycling Certified and TRX qualified

Teaches: Metabolic Meltdown, TRX Circuit, Cycle and Circuit Cycle.

Savannah Gobelman

Savannah was born and raised in Sparks Nevada where she developed her love for fitness as a young girl. She competed in soccer at the competitive level as well as overseas. Savannah has been in Sonoma now for over 5 years. She is a NASM certified personal trainer and testing for her ACE personal training certification. Savannah is also TRX certified, Schwinn certified, group X certified, and recently became a Crossfit Level One Trainer. She will be teaching, training and managing at Sonoma Fit.

Teaches: TRX Circuit, TRX Cycle and Small Group PT
  Savannah Gobelman, Instructor at Sonoma Fit
  Daria Hall, Instructor at Sonoma Fit

Daria Hall

I am a certified Zumba instructor and I love to dance and help people to achieve their fitness goals while having fun in the process! I have been teaching ZUMBA fitness for over 5 years and have taught classes all over Sonoma. In my class the music is loud, hips are shaking and the energy is insane! I can’t wait to dance with you at Sonoma Fit!

Teaches: Zumba

Catarina Landry

I grew up in Sonoma and attended Dominican University of San Rafael where I graduated with a bachelors degree in Liberal Studies and completed my teaching credential. During my years at the University, my passion for fitness helped me stay mentally and physically motivated. This passion grew into something so much more after joining Sonoma Cycle Fit in 2014. I am certified as a small group and cycling instructor through the American Sports and Fitness Association and am TRX qualified through the TRX training headquarters in San Francisco. I am married and have 2 beautiful children with whom I share my love for health and fitness. I enjoy being a role model for my family as well as my community. My goals as an instructor are to motivate, inspire and challenge you to reach your fitness goals. I’ll see you in class!

Teaches: Cycle, Metabolic Meltdown and Circuit Cycle.
  Catarina Landry, Instructor at Sonoma Fit
  Samantha Morphy, Instructor at Sonoma Fit

Samantha Morphy

I'm a native Sonoman who is positive, energetic and driven. I love living in wine country, but I often escape to far corners of the world.  If fitness is my first love, then travel is my second.  My journey into the fitness world began two years ago when I became a certified Barre instructor.  I love helping others become the best version of themselves, both mentally and physically.  My goal for you when you take my class is that you leave feeling stronger and happier than when you walked in.  I am TRX qualified and am extremely happy to be part of the Sonoma Fit team!

Teaches: TRX Strength

Jennifer Palter

I have been involved in sports and fitness for as long as I can remember. Growing up in Rhode Island, I played soccer, softball, volleyball, and swimming. After I graduated high school, I moved to Arizona for college where I started indoor cycling, running, and became a hiking guide at Canyon Ranch Resort and Spa in Tucson.  After getting my BS in Psychology, I moved to Sonoma and began studying for my master's degree in Marriage and Family Counseling at SF State.  I now have two children (7 & 9), who are growing up just as active as I did- both are in sports and as a family, we enjoy hiking, biking, and running together. I look forward to helping you meet your fitness goals, whatever they are!
Schwinn Cycling Certified

Teaches: Cycle and TRX Cycle
  Jennifer Palter, Instructor at Sonoma Fit
  Lauren Stelmak, Instructor at Sonoma Fit

Lauren Stelmak

Lauren has a true passion and dedication to fitness and living in positive energy. She thrives in a lifestyle of sustaining and promoting total health & wellness. Lauren believes strongly in the power of positive thinking, nurturing your mind, body and soul. She is here to inspire you and to help you achieve your fitness goals.
 When Lauren's not sweating it out at Sonoma Fit she can be found at Kaiser Permanente where she has been a certified medical assistant for over 12 years. She is a certified Cycling Instructor through Schwinn Fitness and a certified Group Fitness/Bootcamp Instructor through the American Sports & Fitness Association.

*"Embrace your heart & soul, integrate positive energy & watch your goodness soar to greatness!" Lauren Stelmak

Teaches: Cycle, Circuit Cycle.

Lucie Sykorova

As a teenager, I was an awkward lank that literally ate everything in sight. To my astonishment, that workhorse of a metabolism I had taken for granted had slowed down to a faint idle in my early 20’s. I decided to take action and got a membership to a gym where I took my first spin class and was immediately hooked. As I began to resemble the “real” me again, I quickly learned that fitness isn’t necessarily about losing weight or gaining muscle; it’s about the way you feel, your strength, power, determination and accomplishments. I started looking forward to my group fitness classes and my mentality shifted from “I have to take that class so I get in shape” to “I can’t wait to have fun in that class and feel great”.

Grateful to now be able to pay it forward as a fitness instructor, I’m excited to pass all that I have gained during my fitness journey on. Whether you’re just starting out or improving what you have already accomplished, remember that there is no set starting point and that you can always dig deeper! Take the step, break a sweat and the rest will follow. You’ll feel great – looking great is just a side effect. Can’t wait to see you at Sonoma Fit!
Schwinn Cycling Certified

Teaches: Cycle and Circuit Cycle
  Lucie Sykorova, Instructor at Sonoma Fit
  Dawn Theilen, Instructor at Sonoma Fit

Dawn Theilen

Dawn Theilen has been a trainer/instructor for over 20 years. She specializes in personal training, Pilates and TRX Pilates. She moved to Sonoma from Marin 10 yrs ago where she owned Form Body Studio and taught at Kaiser, Club One, and Mill Valley Personal Fitness. She currently teaches/trains throughout Sonoma and is the personal trainer at the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn and Spa.

Teaches: TRX Pilates and Pilates Mat
    Merritt Wright, Instructor at Sonoma Fit

Amy Wolff

Amy is a fun, creative and dynamic vinyasa yoga teacher who is committed to people experiencing a sense of freedom and flow while also creating  stability and sustainability in their practice. Amy has been teaching yoga for 9 years and has 28 years of group exercise teaching experience. She is director of Petaluma's Renew Yoga 200hr Teacher Training program, founder of Stable Yoga and a dedicated mother of 3.

In addition to classes, Amy runs yoga teacher trainings and retreats that are rooted in growth, empowerment and possibility.  Amy believes yoga should be simple, fun and nourishing just like the bounty and community we are blessed with in Sonoma County.  Amy's teachers include Deborah Williamson, Stacey Dockins, Phillip Urso, Baron Baptiste, Tiffany Cruikshank and Pamela Maldonado.

Amy Wolff is currently registered with Yoga Alliance as a 500 E-RYT, and currently enrolled in 1000hr program in Yoga Medicine. 

RYT means that a teacher has completed their yoga teacher training at an active RYS (registered yoga school) while the (E) stands for "experienced" with over 2000 hours of yoga teaching hours. 

Teaches: Power Yoga