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Adam and Jennifer Kovacs are long time residents of Sonoma and the owners of Sonoma Fit. Together they opened their first venture Sonoma Cycle Fit in 2014. This small studio, focusing primarily on indoor cycling and TRX was so successful they quickly outgrew their 2000 sq.ft. space and began the search for something larger. By the close of 2015 they found the new location for Sonoma Fit. This new “hybrid” style gym combines all of the intimacy and quality instruction of a boutique fitness studio with the expansive fitness floor (cardio machines, free weights etc.) of a big box gym. This combination of modalities is what sets Sonoma Fit apart from any gym you’ve ever seen. Aside from ownership, both Jenny and Adam instruct classes as well. “We aren’t mere architects of this project, we are in the trenches every day with both our employees and members alike. Fitness and health are a vital part of our every day lives, and we are passionate about imparting those values to the rest of our community.”

When the Kovacs aren’t spending time at Sonoma Fit, they can be found spending time with their 5 children. “Above all, we want to set an example for our kids. Not only about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but the ability to build success out of passion. Sonoma Fit is a true labor of love and we want our children to see that with enough hard work and determination, anything is possible."
I have been a Sonoma Valley resident since 2008 and am currently studying business and hospitality at Napa Valley College. I developed my passion for health and fitness after graduating high school, and found inspiration at our original fitness studio Sonoma Cycle Fit. I love the energy of indoor cycling in particular and became a certified Schwinn Cycling instructor. I look forward to increasing my knowledge of the fitness industry and plan on continuing my education through obtaining more certifications in other areas. The positive energy of group fitness is contagious and I hope to inspire you in the same way I was inspired a few short years ago. I can't wait to see you in my classes and help you achieve your goals!
As a teenager, I was an awkward lank that literally ate everything in sight. To my astonishment, that workhorse of a metabolism I had taken for granted had slowed down to a faint idle in my early 20’s. I decided to take action and got a membership to a gym where I took my first spin class and was immediately hooked. As I began to resemble the “real” me again, I quickly learned that fitness isn’t necessarily about losing weight or gaining muscle; it’s about the way you feel, your strength, power, determination and accomplishments. I started looking forward to my group fitness classes and my mentality shifted from “I have to take that class so I get in shape” to “I can’t wait to have fun in that class and feel great”.

Grateful to now be able to pay it forward as a fitness instructor, I’m excited to pass all that I have gained during my fitness journey on. Whether you’re just starting out or improving what you have already accomplished, remember that there is no set starting point and that you can always dig deeper! Take the step, break a sweat and the rest will follow. You’ll feel great – looking great is just a side effect. Can’t wait to see you at Sonoma Fit!
Schwinn Cycling Certified
Lauren has a true passion and dedication to fitness and living in positive energy. She thrives in a lifestyle of sustaining and promoting total health & wellness. Lauren believes strongly in the power of positive thinking, nurturing your mind, body and soul. She is here to inspire you and to help you achieve your fitness goals.
When Lauren's not sweating it out at Sonoma Fit she can be found at Kaiser Permanente where she has been a certified medical assistant for over 12 years. She is a certified Cycling Instructor through Schwinn Fitness and a certified Group Fitness/Bootcamp Instructor through the American Sports & Fitness Association.

*"Embrace your heart & soul, integrate positive energy & watch your goodness soar to greatness!" Lauren Stelmak
As a young girl being raised by a single mom in a small town, sports were life. It kept me safe, sane and happy with a body honored for strength and speed over size and stats. In college I played intramural sports to feed my competitive spirit and was lucky enough to land a husband for a softball coach. Fast forward twelve years to a job I love and 2 little girls that constantly move with me. For me movement and fitness provides an outlet, mental and physical strength, and honors the time I have gifted myself as life gets crazy. This love of fitness translates into all my classes; get in and make each moment count! Every rep, each gear added on that uphill battle in spin and that shake you get while holding plank in a TRX strap means you're getting stronger. I like to incorporate a variety of techniques and tools into my fast paced and driving classes; crossfit, barre, boxing, anything that keeps you moving to good music, (preferably EDM and club style, but request line is always open!).
Schwinn Cycling Certified and TRX qualified.
Kyla’s initial introduction to yoga began with Bikram, but started practicing Power Vinyasa Flow Yoga 7 years ago while working as a Helicopter Trauma Flight Nurse. She found that the vinyasa flow yoga created more flexibility in her body that was required of the job, while keeping her mind calm during critical moments. Feeling the incredible benefits of practicing this type of yoga, she decided to become a yoga instructor and is registered with Yoga Alliance.

Kyla is an active tri-athlete and utilizes a yoga practice to help prevent injuries during training, as well as bring restoration to the physique. Kyla’s love for the outdoors is brought into her yoga classes through strength and balance building routines that utilize the breath to create ease, stability and wellness in the body. She combines science with the mind, body and spirit in her yoga sequences. Her experience as a Registered Nurse for the last 15 years is intuitively incorporated into classes by providing healing energy to her students, allowing those who take her class to achieve a complete yoga practice from the inside out.
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Dawn Theilen has been a trainer/instructor for over 20 years. She specializes in personal training, Pilates and TRX Pilates. She moved to Sonoma from Marin 10 yrs ago where she owned Form Body Studio and taught at Kaiser, Club One, and Mill Valley Personal Fitness. She currently teaches/trains throughout Sonoma and is the personal trainer at the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn and Spa.
I grew up in Sonoma and attended Dominican University of San Rafael where I graduated with a bachelors degree in Liberal Studies and completed my teaching credential. During my years at the University, my passion for fitness helped me stay mentally and physically motivated. This passion grew into something so much more after joining Sonoma Cycle Fit in 2014. I am certified as a small group and cycling instructor through the American Sports and Fitness Association and am TRX qualified through the TRX training headquarters in San Francisco. I am married and have 2 beautiful children with whom I share my love for health and fitness. I enjoy being a role model for my family as well as my community. My goals as an instructor are to motivate, inspire and challenge you to reach your fitness goals. I’ll see you in class!

Amy is a fun, creative and dynamic vinyasa yoga teacher who is committed to people experiencing a sense of freedom and flow while also creating stability and sustainability in their practice. Amy has been teaching yoga for 9 years and has 28 years of group exercise teaching experience. She is director of Petaluma's Renew Yoga 200hr Teacher Training program, founder of Stable Yoga and a dedicated mother of 3.

In addition to classes, Amy runs yoga teacher trainings and retreats that are rooted in growth, empowerment and possibility. Amy believes yoga should be simple, fun and nourishing just like the bounty and community we are blessed with in Sonoma County. Amy's teachers include Deborah Williamson, Stacey Dockins, Phillip Urso, Baron Baptiste, Tiffany Cruikshank and Pamela Maldonado.

Amy Wolff is currently registered with Yoga Alliance as a 500 E-RYT, and currently enrolled in 1000hr program in Yoga Medicine.

RYT means that a teacher has completed their yoga teacher training at an active RYS (registered yoga school) while the (E) stands for "experienced" with over 2000 hours of yoga teaching hours.

Yoga became an integral part of Divina's life during her pregnancies and continued after the birth of her children. A daily yoga practice cultivated a deep sense of overall health and well-being unlike anything she'd ever experienced before. 

Divina is a graduate of Yoga Community's Advanced Studies and Teacher Training Program and holds a 200-Hour RYT certification with the internationally recognized Yoga Alliance. She garners a special interest in yoga for athletes and yoga for sports injury and prevention and plans to continue her education in this arena this coming Fall.

 In addition to practicing yoga, Divina enjoys hiking, time spent by the ocean, and cooking healthy (yet practical) meals for her family

Cat originally studied Business with an Entrepreneurship concentration from Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. She became interested in fitness ironically while working as a pastry chef. Her fitness journey started by consistently training with TRX then progressed to weight training. She obtained her personal training certification through NASM and is TRX certified. She is currently studying a specialization in corrective exercises. Her interest in personal training grew as she realized how positive exercise impacted her life. She wanted to be able to help others reach their goals and enjoy the process. "It is such a rewarding experience to help others progress their fitness goals and surpass what they think they are capable of." While her profession no longer revolves around desserts, she loves to spend her free time cooking and baking.

Maddy is a bay area native, where her passion for fitness developed through athletics. She played basketball at San Francisco State University while obtaining her degree in Kinesiology. Maddy has a background that focuses on corrective exercise, injury prevention, weight loss, and has worked with a wide range of clientele. She is a NASM certified personal trainer as well as a NASM certified fitness nutrition specialist. When not in the gym, you can find Maddy hiking, cheering for the Giants and Warriors, and traveling to new places.

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Nicole’s goal in life is to spread love and happiness to as many people as possible. She is dedicated to connecting others to the truth of their being and has found that one of the best ways to do this is by bringing people together to flow through a fun moving meditation of self­love. Nicole believes that yoga is for everyone and empowers her students to find strength and ease in their body and soul. Her light hearted energy brings joy to her students and creates connection throughout the community. She loves to spend time in nature and enjoys gathering people to practice anywhere outside, especially at the beach. Nicole Pryke is currently registered with Yoga Alliance as a 200 RYT and is excited to share with others the amazing benefits of a vinyasa yoga practice.

“The more in harmony you are with the flow of your own existence, the more magical life becomes.” ­- Adyashanti

Sarah is certified through NASM.  Her main focus is on corrective exercise.  She has certifications in Scientific Back Training, Program Design, and Scientific Core Conditioning through CHEK Institute, and is working her way towards becoming a certified CHEK Practitioner.  She's taken multiple sports medicine classes at Santa Rosa Junior College. She's worked with clients with multiple types of injuries to help improve their alignment, which has also helped with their chronic pain.  She has experience working with golfers to help improve their drives, and her clients drives have increased up to 30 yards.

Sarah is certified through NASM.  Her main focus is on corrective exercise.  She has certifications in Scientific Back Training, Program Design, and Scientific Core Conditioning through CHEK Institute, and is working her way towards becoming a certified CHEK Practitioner.  She's taken multiple sports medicine classes at Santa Rosa Junior College. She's worked with clients with multiple types of injuries to help improve their alignment, which has also helped with their chronic pain.  She has experience working with golfers to help improve their drives, and her clients drives have increased up to 30 yards.

Tyler is a NASM certified personal trainer and a graduate of San Francisco State University with a degree in Kinesiology exercise movement science with an emphasizes in exercise and sport in society. While at SFSU she ran track including the 400 meter hurdles where she broke the school record and placed 2rd in California and 14th in the nation at the 2010 NCAA D2 Nationals. She also played volleyball at SRJC.

She has been a personal trainer in Sonoma, Marin, and San Francisco for the last 11 years, helping people stay and get healthy, changing outlooks and lives. She involves her athletic background and science knowledge into her training and loves what she does.


I've been involved in sports and fitness for as long as I can remember. Growing up in Rhode Island, I played soccer, softball, volleyball, and swimming. After I graduated high school, I moved to Arizona for college where I started indoor cycling, running, and became a hiking guide. I moved to Sonoma and began studying for my master's degree in Marriage and Family Counseling at SF State. I now have two children (9 & 11), who are growing up just as active as I did- both are in sports and as a family, we enjoy hiking, biking, and running together. I look forward to helping you meet your fitness goals, whatever they are!

Four years ago fitness became a passion of mine when I decided to compete for a crown, and since then it has become an outlet, an adventure, and a lifestyle.  In 2013, I completed my UC Davis undergraduate degree, and returned to Sonoma in 2017 after graduating from the University of Missouri - Kansas City School of Law.  Throughout law school I competed in Miss Kansas USA and placed in the Top 5 four consecutive years. During competition preparation and law school, my personal exercise routine ranges from group fitness to olympic lifting, but cycling and water-rowing became two primary sources of exercise enjoyment.  There is a huge difference between forcing your workout and enjoying your workout - that is the difference I want to make for people who come to my classes!  I became Schwinn Cycling Instructor certified in July 2017, and look forward to making indoor cycling a permanent part of my fitness journey throughout the course of my legal career.

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Danielly originally studied Biology in Brazil. She has been drawn to competitor physical fitness since the age  of 4, this included swimming, volleyball and  long board surfing, but when she came to USA in 2009, her life style changed.  With a sedentary life style, she gained 40lbs and health problems.  “I was tired of looking at  the mirror and not being happy with what I was looking at, so one day I put it in my mind that if I didn’t change now that  I would never change, so I made it a mission to study a lot about nutrition, and exercise and I started  applying it on myself”. After 2 years of self-training and losing more than 40lbs (7 months weight loss), Danielly sought and achieved her certification through NASM, and she specializes in weight loss, strength, balance, and overall well-being. “I really understand the struggles that my clients go through with weight loss because it happened to me, so I am able to help them on this journey”. 

Danielly enjoys training people of all levels to inspire them to maximize their fitness, health and wellness goals. She is currently studying a specialization in fitness nutrition.
Tyler is a returning Sonoman, raised in the community and went to school K-12.  He is a very enthusiastic, athletic individual with a charismatic work ethic.  He is a graduate of CSU Chico with a BS in Kinesiology, specialized in exercise physiology with a few masters related courses in bio mechanics. He's played college basketball, semi-pro football, and almost any sport you could imagine.  His training adapts to any individual; by use of circuit, cross fitness, power movements, meditation, breathing and much more! His interests outside the gym include biking, tennis, golf and basketball.  Big warriors fan, and a supporter of the giants!