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          5:45am : Cycling – Lauren Stelmak

          6:00am: TRX Circuit – Laura Fraize

          9:00am: TRX/Pilates Style – Dawn Theilen

          9:00am: Cycling – Jenny Kovacs

          10:15am: TRX Bodyblast – Jenny Kovacs

          12:00pm: Power Cycle : Laura Fraize

          6:00pm: TRX Bodyblast – Savannah Gobelman

          6:15pm: Cycle 45 – Catarina Landry


         5:45am: Cycle 45 – Laruen Stelmak

         7:00am: TRX BodyBlast – Savannah Gobelman

         8:30am : Core 30 – Savannah Gobelma

         9:15am: Power Cycle- Laura Fraize 

        10:30am: TRX Level One – Laura Fraize 

        5:45pm: TRX Cycle – Savannah Gobelman 



         5:45am: Cycle 45 – Lauren Stelmak

         6:00am: Power Sculpt – Jenny Kovacs

         8:30am: HIT 30 – Laura Fraize

         9:15am: Core 30 – Jenny Kovacs

         9:15am: Cycle 45 – Laura Fraize

        10:15am: TRX BodyBlast – Jenny Kovacs

         6:00pm: Cycling – Jennifer Palter

         6:15pm: Insanity – Lucie Sykorova


         6:00am: Cycling – Natalie DeMichele

         9:15am: Power Cycle – Brittany Carducci

         10:30am: TRX Level One – Jenny Kovacs

         6:15pm: TRX Cycle – Jenny Kovacs 


         5:45am: Cycle 45 – Adam Kovacs

         6:00am: Power Sculpt – Savannah Gobelman

         9:00am Cycling – Jenny Kovacs

         9:15am: HIT 30 – Catarina Landry

         10:15am: TRX Cycle – Savannah Gobelman

         12:00pm: Cycle 45 – Jennifer Palter

         6:15pm: Cycle 45 – Lucie Sykorova



         7:30am: Power Cycle – Jennifer Palter

         8:45am: Cycling – Jenny Kovacs

         9:30am: TRX Circuit – Savannah Gobelman



         8:30am: TRX Cycle – Jennifer Palter

         9:15am: Cycling – Natalie DeMichele

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